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ALI on “Indefinite Hiatus,” Arrested Drummer No Longer Part of Band

The Japanese band ALI has revealed that it’s going on an indefinite hiatus. This comes after drummer Kahadio was arrested and indicted for fraud. Police describe a scenario where Kahadio scammed an elderly woman, telling her that if she gave some of her money to a bank account, he could reimburse her for her medical expenditure.

The band’s manager has officially ended the contract with Kahadio. This leaves the question of what will happen to the rest of the band. Reports coming out about the situation in English do not indicate anyone else in the band did anything illegal, or that they were even aware of what Kahadio was allegedly doing.

We do know that the band was amassing quite a few hits before this, and they did opening theme songs for Jujutsu Kaisen, BEASTARS and Noblesse. They were all set to do the opening theme song for The World Ends with You the Animation, but this opportunity was pulled after the news of the drummer’s arrest. Currently, some of their songs are also missing on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Source: ANN


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