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Akira x Simpsons Mashup Gets Animated in Bartkira Trailer

You may have heard about the Bartkira project, which has hundreds of artists from across the globe working to recreate Katsuhiro Otomo’s epic Akira manga with characters from The Simpsons. The project started with some art from Ryan Humphrey, and with the assistance of comic artist and illustrator James Harvey and others it quickly blossomed into the monster it is now.

The third full volume is now available to peruse at bartkira.com. Each artist takes on five pages at a time, and the Simpsons characters were all firmly established in specific Akira roles in advance. The best part about the update, though, is the shot-for-shot Simpsons take on the original Akira trailer, which you can see below.

In the interest of full disclosure, I contributed five pages of my own to volume 4 of Bartkira. It feels like ages ago that I drew those pages, but it was fun, and it’s nice to see the project continue to grow.