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A Fanged Virtual YouTuber Nurse Is Bringing in Blood Donations

youtuber nurse

Giving blood isn’t much fun, but it’s a vital thing to help out the health community. That got the Natori City Health Centre in Miyagi Prefecture thinking, and they’ve come up with a very successful idea: have a cute, fanged virtual YouTuber nurse anime girl ask for blood donations.

Her name is Sana Natori, and they tested her out for a blood donating event on August 30. Sana did so well that people were willing to drive more than 600 miles to give up their blood. As a reward, they got a special Sana poster. Almost 100 people took part, which, as SoraNews24 explained, was more than twice the amount involved before they let you take home the poster of this cute YouTuber nurse.

Sana will be involved in more blood drives, one of which is conveniently scheduled for Halloween. Her fans have left notes like:

“Looks like I’ll have to go and get the blood sucked out of me again!”
“You’re so cute I’ll give you all my blood.”

Hey, whatever works.

Source: SoraNews24


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