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80s Anime Fang of the Sun DOUGRAM Getting Manga Adaptation

Yasuo Ohtagaki, who is the mangaka behind the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt and Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Gaiden manga series, is getting to work on a new project. The manga will be based on the 1980s anime Fang of the Sun DOUGRAM. Original director Ryousuke Takahashi is involved as a supervisor for the project.

Anime News Network, which reported on it, further said, “The color manga is titled Get truth Taiyō no Kiba Dougram, and it will launch as a web manga in Shogakukan’s eBigComic4 manga website on May 28.”

The story involves a colony world known as Deloyer and the harshness of its ruler, Donan Cashim. A group of rebels come together stand up to him.

In addition to this and his Gundam work, Ohtagaki is the mangaka for the Moonlight Mile series.

Source: ANN


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