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7SEEDS Season 2 Ending Plagiarizes Beyond the Boundary

7SEEDS Season 2 Ending Plagiarizes Beyond the Boundary

If you caught 7SEEDS season 2, the ending might have looked familiar. Very familiar.

When the show hit Netflix in March of 2020, many people noticed the similarities between the ending of 7SEEDS and the Kyoto Animation show Beyond the Boundary.

Now the folks behind 7SEEDS season 2 have acknowledged that the similarity was not, in fact, a coincidence.

A post to the official 7SEEDS website says that after an investigation, it was confirmed that “it is undeniable that the ending features direction similar” to other anime. It does not specifically name Beyond the Boundary.

The post goes on to say that the entire ending will be replaced. Loading up the series on Netflix today, we see that the ending is now a series of still frames from the show.

This reminds us of the recent Tokyo Babylon 2021 story, in which the entire series was delayed due to a plagiarism issue. Don’t steal, guys!

Source: Otakomu

Matt Schley

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