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Your Name’s Comet Becomes Jewelry in Bandai Tie-Up

Those who’ve seen Makoto Shinkai’s hit film Your Name (or even those who’ve seen the poster) know a comet plays a big role in the film.

Now jewelry brand The Kiss and Bandai have teamed up to put the film’s Tiamat Comet into wearable form.

The earrings, which come in two styles, are both up for preorder January 23 and ship in March. The clip-on versions, which come in either silver or gold, go for ¥3,456 (about $30), while the fish hook-style dangly suckers go for ¥11,880 (about $105).

Both versions, which are available for preorder at Premium Bandai, come in a pouch with a fastener modeled after protagonist Mitsuha’s hair band. Nice attention to detail there.

If the popularity of the film is any indication, I imagine there will be more than a few people walking around with these earrings Japan when they ship in March.

Source: Anime Anime

Matt Schley

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