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More Tribute Manga Coming for Hollywood Ghost in the Shell

The upcoming Hollywood Ghost in the Shell movie previously had a few tribute manga published in Japan, including a one-shot from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex manga creator Yu Kinutani. Other tributes followed from Nobuaki Tadano, Yu Imai, and Masayuki Yamamoto, and according to the February issue of Monthly Young Magazine there’s more on the way.

The next tributes come from Takumi Ōyama and Nokuto Koike, who drew manga for publication in the magazine’s next issue, due out in Japan on February 18. Previous work from Ōyama includes 2013’s Ghost in the Shell Arise ~Nemuranai Me no Otoko: Sleepless Eye~ manga, while Koike has worked on Mitsu no Shima and horror manga 6000: Rokusen, among others. 

The Ghost in the Shell movie opens in the U.S. on March 31. 

Via Anime News Network