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Yotsuba&’s Duralumin Teddy Bear Comes to Life

Are you a fan of Yotsuba&? Prepare yourself for some cute overload.

Duralumin, Yotsuba’s teddy bear, has come to life courtesy German toy company Steiff. The best teddy bears are made in Germany, you see.

Duralumin, sometimes written Juralumin, became an indispensable part of the Yotsuba& world in volume 9, when Koiwai bought it for Yotsuba.

Cute, indeed, but at a pretty price: ¥45,360, which is currently about $370. This is not the teddy to buy for the kids to drool on. Or, jeez, maybe it is. What do I know about your financial situation? My apologies.

Customers who order Duralumin through Movic will receive a mini-present signed by Yotsuba& author Kiyohiko Azuma.

Those wanting Steiff’s Duralumin, either for their drooling child or themselves, should head to Movic’s online shop starting December 1.

Source: Natalie.mu

Matt Schley

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