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Yoko Takahashi’s Godzilla vs. Evangelion Theme Song Previewed

godzilla vs. evangelion

P Godzilla vs. Evangelion ~G Cell Awakening~ sadly isn’t the name of an upcoming movie, but it is a pachinko game featuring the two colossal titles together in one place. Don’t let its pachinko status get you too down, though, because with it comes a new digital single from Yoko Takahashi, singer of original Evangelion opening theme song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis.” 

Takahashi’s new song, “Teardrops of Hope,” is featured in the game along with two songs by Rei Ayanami VA Megumi Hayashibara, “Shuketsu no Hate ni” and “Shuketsu no Toki – Territory.” Check out a preview of Takahashi’s digital single below. 

Source: Yoko Takahashi