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Ya Boy Kongming! Manga Inspires Live-Action TV Drama

ya boy kongming!

Fans of writer Yuto Yotsuba and illustrator Ryo Ogawa’s Ya Boy Kongming! manga and its anime adaptation will soon get to see the series in a new light. A live-action TV drama adaptation was announced, with plans for the series to premiere on Fuji TV in Japan this fall.

Zhuge Kongming will be played by Osamu Mukai, who had the following to say about the role:

“It may be hard to imagine from the fact that it is a reincarnation story and the catchy title ‘Paripi Koumei,’ but what is depicted in the original manga and script is a story with a very strong core. The growth of a diva into a professional artist is linked to the growth of Kongming’s master in the midst of battles of the Three Kingdoms period. I also believe that by listening to music through the drama, viewers will be able to feel the power of music once again. I hope that the viewers will enjoy the music itself.”

Here’s another look at Mukai in costume:

HIDIVE streamed the Ya Boy Kongming! anime as it aired and describes it like so:

The music industry becomes a battlefield when ancient strategist Kongming is transported to modern Japan. He’ll use military tactics to turn his new friend Eiko into a music star, and together they’ll take the party hotspot of Shibuya by storm!

Via Crunchyroll News