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World Cosplay Championship 2011: Brazilian Victory!

With a crowd of 17,000 cosplay fans, the World Cosplay Championship took place at Oasis 21, Japan, on August 7, 2011. Seventeen teams from all over the world entered the championship, and displayed grand performances. This is the largest number of contestants in World Cosplay Championship history.

The Mauricio team from Brazil won the 2011 championship for the second time! They are a brother and sister team, and former world champions of 2006. Brazilian teams won the 2006, 2008 and 2011 championships.

Each team is evaluated according to three major judging criteria and given points: Performance (creativity, entertainment, performing skills), Costumes (faithfulness to the original design, workmanship) and Faithfulness to story (closeness to the original story and characters).

There were a couple of rule changes this year. Performance time on stage was reduced from three minutes to two and a half. In addition, the type of props, and the size and weight of costumes were regulated to ensure that all teams can compete fairly under the same circumstances. The judges checked if the teams followed the rules a day before the competition. If they violated the rules, performance points were subtracted. Those who earned the highest points at the end of the championship were declared “Winner.”

All the teams this year were of high quality, and the judges had a hard time deciding on the best. It was a fabulous event, and all the teams received a thunderous applause.