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Woman Voice Actors in Japan Have Quadrupled Since 2001

Woman Voice Actors in Japan Have Quadrupled Since 2001Have you noticed a larger variety of female voices in your anime in the last few years? If you have, well, good ear! Also, there’s a reason: the number of woman voice actors in Japan has just about quadrupled since 2001. That’s the word from the Seiyuu Meikan, or Voice Actor Directory, a yearly book of voice actor profiles.

This year’s Women’s Edition features 955 voice actors, a record. The 2001 version, by comparison, listed just 225.

Why the growth? An article on the release cites the increasing number of anime, video games, overseas shows that need dubs, and “artist activities,” i.e. live events, modeling gigs, etc.

It’s good to hear more women who want to get into the industry are able to do so, but we bet this makes the competition for the really juicy roles even more intense!

The pandemic has been a tough time for the voice acting profession. Read more here.

Source: Oricon

Matt Schley

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