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WIT Studio Launches Vertical Manga Division


Vertical manga is hot right now, so more companies are getting in on the action as quickly as they can. One such company is WIT Studio, the anime production house known for the first few Attack on Titan seasons, co-production on SPY x FAMILY and more. Now they’re launching a planning/production team for vertical manga, which aims to use their animators and the “dynamic graphic expression” they’ve established over the years.

WIT Studio’s first vertical manga title has been revealed as Estee: Hajimari no Mahou wo Tsugumono (Estee: Successor of the First Magic), which is set in the world of the Wizards Nova novels and music videos. Creator group FUZI is handling the script for the manga, with the following WIT Studio staff members involved:

  • Creative Producer: Keisuke Sato (design manager on The Girl from the Other Side)
  • Storyboard/Direction/Color Design: Nanako Hashimoto (animator on The Girl from the Other Side)
  • Character Designer: Shou
  • Chibi Character Designer/Main Artist: Chika Sasamori

Here’s how WIT Studio describes its inaugural series:

Wands and spells. These are what wizards needed to work miracles… until magical augmentation equipment called “Apparatus” made those old robe-wearers a thing of the past. 

Meet Estee, a wizard who grew up in the sticks and, despite being trained from a young age in traditional magic by her grandmother, struggles with even the most basic spells. Refusing to give up on her dream of becoming a fully-fledged wizard, she leaves her hometown to attend a magic school in the city, where she becomes embroiled in a battle to save the world.

Spirits of the dead? A ghost town? An adventure of miracles and curses begins!

The HykeComic service currently has a prologue chapter up, with the full series to begin on June 25. 

Via Crunchyroll News