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William Shatner’s Favorite Love Live! Character is Umi, Apparently

William Shatner UmiWell, there’s a headline I never expected to write.

William Shatner, the Golden Globe-winning actor best known for his role as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, has been tweeting up a storm about an unexpected topic: the idol series Love Live!.

It all began when a user tweeted at Shatner asking a “very important question” about the veteran actor’s favorite Love Live! character.

To the shock of the anime-Star Trek internet nerd confluence, Shatner actually responded. The answer? Umi.

As if to prove he wasn’t just humoring this Twitter user, Shatner then unleashed a series of follow-up tweets, letting the world know he’s not a particular fan of Maki or Nico (too stubborn) and, when it comes to Sunshine, likes Eli (partial to blondes).


Eventually, the source of Shatner’s surprisingly deep Love Live! knowledge was revealed: his granddaughters are into it.

It’s safe to say that today, William Shatner went where no other former Enterprise captain has gone before.

Source: @xa_ky

Matt Schley

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