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Wife Auctions Cheating Husband’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards for Millions of Yen in Revenge

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Sometimes impressive collections get sold all at once for big bucks, usually when the collector in question is looking for a quick injection of cash or just wants to move on from that particular hobby and fund another. In the case of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card auction on Yahoo! Auctions, however, the collectible cards are on sale because the collector made the mistake of cheating on his wife.

Once the Yu-Gi-Oh! fan’s wife discovered him being unfaithful, she put all of his cards up for sale on the Yahoo! site. The listing is currently live, consisting of 26 multipack boxes, many of which are still sealed. There are currently 765 bids for a running total of ¥8,203,000 (about US$75,215).

Here’s what the wife had to say in the listing itself:

“This is my first listing on Yahoo! Auctions. As an act of revenge against my husband for cheating on me, I have decided to sell his collection. The items are unopened, so I’d be happy if I can get a good price for these…The boxes have been on a shelf with a cover over them, so they aren’t even dusty. I don’t have much familiarity with collectible card games, but to my untrained eyes the items have no damage or tearing, so please accept their condition as-is. Thank you.”

Some of the reactions online range from “I know he cheated on her, but isn’t it going too far to just sell his belongings like that?” to “Did the other woman use a Change of Heart card on him?”

The auction ends this Saturday, so expect that total to continue to rise in the next few days.

Via SoraNews24