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Why We’re Already Over the Moon for TONIKAWA

Tsukasa and Nasa get married in TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You

TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You promises heaps of adorableness right there in the title. TONIKAWA is short for “tonikaku kawaii,” and the kawaii-ness of the title looks like it’s going to carry over to multiple parts of the show. The popular manga is becoming an anime this autumn, and we’re totally ready for all the adorable.

The hero of our piece is Nasa, a boy with a strange name, whose life is saved by a girl named Tsukasa. He asks her out, and she says yes… on the condition that he marries her. Three years later, she returns with all the necessary paperwork, and their married life begins.

Here’s just a few reasons why we can’t wait for the series to start:


It’s from the creator of Hayate the Combat Butler

The mysterious Tsukasa of TONIKAWA

The name Kenjiro Hata might not be immediately familiar to everyone, but the title Hayate the Combat Butler likely rings a bell, right? The over-the-top romcom about a high-schooler working as butler and bodyguard to a young otaku won over fans worldwide, and even got a live-action adaptation. The original Hayate manga ran from 2004-2017, with TONIKAWA starting in 2018.

Hata has done a great job in the past bringing us cute, heartfelt romances with unexpected twists. So we can’t wait to see what his current series has in store!


The leading lady is full of mystery

Tsukasa in TONIKAWA

Tsukasa Tsukuyomi (later Yuzaki) is often compared to the mythical character of Princess Kaguya: a baby found in a bamboo shoot who grew to adulthood in three months’ time and, after rejecting multiple suitors (including the Emperor), eventually revealed she came from the moon and would have to return before long.

We don’t know much about Tsukasa at all, but the parallels are interesting — including her three-year absence from Nasa, which could be a reference to the three years Princess Kaguya spent communicating via letters with the Emperor. It’ll probably be a while until we get any solid answers, as the TONIKAWA manga is still running, but we’re looking forward to forming theories!


We need a little cuteness, anyway.

All signs point to TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You being a big shot of romance, and we’re here for it. It’ll be fun to watch a show about an evolving relationship, rather than waiting to see whether there’s a relationship in the first place. And Nasa seems like a sweet guy, too. We want good things for him.

TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You is a Crunchyroll Original streaming this fall. You can also read the original manga, released as Fly Me to the Moon, from VIZ Media.

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