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Why Tokyo Police Are Arresting Some People Running Maid Cafés

Last week the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested six people because of how they were operating their maid cafés. It has to do with the Adult Entertainment Business Regulation Law in Japan. So-called regular restaurants can be open at any hour, but a “social” restaurant or bar has a one A.M. curfew. A social restaurant is like a host or hostess club where in addition to bringing food and drinks, workers entertain and hang out with their customers.

Apparently the maid cafés got in trouble for listing themselves as regular restaurants. One of the cafés involved was charging the equivalent of almost $70 for a bottle of soda because in addition to getting the soda for the price, the costumer would get some female company while drinking. Apparently this sort of thing is common in the Akihabara area, and this isn’t the first time this year that police have made arrests over maid cafés.

Source: SoraNews24


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