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Video Introduces Us to Takemichi and Hinata in Live-Action Tokyo Revengers

tokyo revengers

The Tokyo Revengers manga is heading toward its climax, and the anime adaptation has been a big success. But we still have the live-action Tokyo Revengers movie adaptation to look forward to, and Warner Bros. Japan dropped a video to let us get to know the characters Takemichi and Hinata a little better.

Tokyo Revengers is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters July 9, after its original schedule got changed because of COVID. From now until the release, Warner Bros. Japan will release a video every Wednesday to introduce audiences to more of the characters.

The cast consists of Takumi Kitamura playing Takemichi Hanagaki, Mio Imada playing Hinata, Yuki Yamada playing Ken Ryugūji, Yosuke Sugino playing Naoto Tachibana, Nobuyuki Suzuki playing Masataka Shimizu, Hayato Isomura playing Atsushi Sendo, Shotaro Mamiya playing Tetta Kisaki, and Ryo Yoshizawa playing Manjiro Sano.

Source: ANN


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