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Wholesome Summer Anime We Can’t Wait to Watch

These summer anime will make for calm sweet spots in your watch list!

The summer anime season is just around the corner! With spring titles wrapping up (temporarily or permanently) this week and next, we’re building out our summer watch list. And we know that, in the midst of dramatic and action-packed titles, we’ll want some calm, wholesome watches. Fortunately, the new season will provide!

We’ve found a trio of series that look like they’ll be giving us the warm fuzzies. From an isekai with heart to slow-burn relationships, we’re ready for these to begin!


Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence

Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence

Bringing us happiness and healing this summer anime season, Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence is a small-town rom-com set in the most unlikely of places: a church. The “saint” in question is a young girl who serves as a listening ear and symbol of good morals for the parishioners. But she also tires out easily and prefers a solid nap to a solid day’s work… leaving the resident Pastor Lawrence to do most of the work. Even so, the pair develop a fast friendship, and perhaps more!

The series is due to debut as part of the Crunchyroll summer simulcast block on July 12.


My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage

The storyline of summer anime My Happy Marriage starts as anything but happy. Our heroine, Miyo, has a truly Cinderella-esque life. (The first bad part, not the magic part.) Living with her new stepmother and stepsister, she’s considered to have no merit whatsoever, and lives life as a servant. Eventually she’s married off to a military man who’s said to be absolutely cruel. Given Miyo’s life, she’s likely prepared for anything… except for her new husband to actually be sweet and loving!

This soft wish-fulfillment series will definitely have its ups and downs, but we can’t wait to see this sweet romance blossom. My Happy Marriage will debut on Netflix July 5.


Sweet Reincarnation

Sweet Reincarnation

The summer anime season will have its share of isekai, but we’ve got our eye on this (literal) sweet series. Our hero, an aspiring pâtissier, dies before he can create the world’s most delicious pastry. But he has another chance—as nine-year-old Pastry Mille Morteln! Sweet Reincarnation will follow the newly-reincarnated hero as he navigates new difficulties and learns new magic. And in the end, it’s all in the pursuit of his dream of a perfect confection.

We’re already hungry for Sweet Reincarnation, and we won’t have to wait much longer for it! The isekai debuts July 3 as part of Crunchyroll’s summer simulcast lineup.

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Kara Dennison

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