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Warner Bros. to Give Bleach the Live-Action Treatment

It seems like just yesterday we were all grousing over Warner Bros. now on-hold Akira adaptation, but it looks like the next hot manga/anime property in line is Bleach.

Though there have been rumblings concerning a live-action adaptation in the past, Variety reports that Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to Tite Kubo’s series, and is moving forward with Wrath of the Titans‘ Dan Mazeau on the script.

Get Smart‘s Peter Segal is attached as a producer, with the possibility of being the film’s director. Segal, speaking to Variety: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Bleach and have great respect for its creator Kubo-sensei and the truly original and amazing world he has created in this manga.”

Segal’s business partner Michael Ewing is also producing, along with Heroes star Masi Oka, and Jason Hoffs at Viz Productions. Branon Coluccio is the project’s executive producer.

What do you think? Is there any chance a live-action Hollywood Bleach film could work, or is it fated to end up like Dragonball Evolution?

Source [ANN]