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Warner Bros. Looks to Swedish Directors to Helm Live-Action Akira

I’m not sure how many times I’ve typed something like this: “Warner Bros. is looking at (insert name of director) for its live-action Akira film.” But, uh, it’s a lot.

The long-delayed live-action version of the Katsuhiro Otomo manga/anime has been through more directors than I can count, but some more potential names have emerged, and they both happen to hail from Sweden.

That’s Daniel Espinosa, the director of the sc-fi horror film Life, and David F. Sandberg, director of the supernatural horror flick Lights Out.

To be clear, the men happen to share a common country, but they’re not being tapped to direct the film together: the whole northern European thing appears to be a coincidence.

Of the two, it sounds as if Espinosa is more likely to take the job, as Sandberg has other commitments over the next few years at the studio.

The most recent director to be attached to Akira was Jaume Collet-Serra, who did not sound particularly enthused when interviewed back in 2015 about the project.

Warner Bros. has held the license to Akira since 2002, which is probably before some of you were born, but if Ghost in the Shell makes decent bucks, I suspect this project will finally find its way out of development hell.

Source: Heroic Hollywood

Matt Schley

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