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Wake, Up Girls! Anime Movie Previewed in Ads

When the Wake Up, Girls! anime series debuts on TV this weekend, it will be joined by the Japanese theatrical premiere of the feature film, Wake Up, Girls!: The Seven Idols. As previously reported, the good news for English-speaking fans is that both will hit Crunchyroll on the same day, January 10, with the film stream starting at 9:00am Pacific Time, followed by the first episode of the anime at 10:30am PT.

Before its arrival you can preview the Seven Idols flick in a pair of TV commercials below.

Crunchyroll’s synopsis of Wake Up, Girls!

The era is the Idol Warring Era. This is the story of the the seven girls known as the “Wake Up, Girls,” and the hardships they face. A rather insignificant talent agency called Green Leaves Entertainment that’s located in Sendai, Japan, is about to go under. At one point, they represented magicians, gravure idols, and fortune tellers, but finally, their one remaining talent finally quits. Faced with having absolutely no one to represent, the agency president, Tange, thinks up a plan to produce an idol group.