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What’s the best cyberpunk anime? Cast your vote here!

In the dystopian future of Earth A.D. 2020, the world’s governments publicly struggle to reconcile the looming presence of UFOs, as citizens cower indoors from the grim realities of contagious disease, a doomed economy, and cripplingly divisive politics… communicating exclusively over THE NET through constant bodily contact with personal electronic devices. Is this reality, or are we all just figments in the imagination of some sci-fi mangaka? As we grapple with the truth of our own existence, there’s never been a more appropriate time to talk about cyberpunk anime!

Tell us your favorite cyberpunk film or series below. We had to condense various spinoffs and sequels into single titles for the sake of brevity, so vote accordingly. As it is, there’s so many choices that you probably won’t manage to scroll to the bottom without cybernetic fingers. What can we say; if you’re still surfing the information super highway on organic meat fingers, you’ve gotta get with the times man!

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