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Voice Actress Mami Yamashita No Longer Positive for COVID-19

Back in early April, voice actress Mami Yamashita tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus), after which she went into isolation for a month. Now, the Aoni Production talent management agency has announced that Yamashita tested negative for the virus after the results of her second PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test came in on May 4.

In addition to minor voice roles in anime ranging from Dragon Ball Super to BanG Dream! and beyond, Yamashita is known as the voice behind Margay in the Kemono Friends anime. Aoni Production said Yamashita was having issues with her taste and smell senses at the time of her first test, but she has since recovered.

mami yamashita

Yamashita’s fans came through with plenty of encouragement during her isolation, followed by congratulations this week, so she thanked everyone for supporting her.

Via Anime News Network