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Viz Media Releases Free Manga App for the iPad

Good news for manga fans with iPads: Viz Media just released their official manga reader app for the platform, along with an opening volley of downloadable manga to sweeten the launch.

The app itself is free, and the series they’re kicking things off with come in at $4.99 per volume. Those series are Bleach (vols. 1-2), Death Note (vols. 1-2), Dragon Ball (vol. 1), Naruto (vols. 1-2) and One Piece (vols. 1-2), and Bakuman (vol. 1), with the first volume of Ouran Host Club next on the horizon.

That first volume of Death Note is also part of the app’s launch celebration, and can be grabbed as a free download for a limited time.

With more series to be added in the coming months, iPad owners might want to give the app a spin to see how it sizes up to the real thing. It’s certainly cheaper; once you get past the cost of purchasing an iPad, that is. Anyone here planning on checking this out?

The app can be downloaded here.

Source [Publishers Weekly]