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Viz Details Their Spring/Summer 2011 Manga Acquisitions

Sometimes it can be tough to decide which manga to buy next week, much less next year. Anticipation is part of the fun, though, and Viz is feeding this by rolling out their list of manga acquisitions for Spring and Summer 2011.

Some of these have been announced before in various forms, but this handy lineup should help keep things organized. Topping it is Viz’s release of Hiroshi Shiibashi’s Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. Viz let the acquisition be known back in July at Anime Expo, right before their debut streaming of the anime adaptation.

Another big upcoming release is Oh! great’s Tenjo Tenge, which is set to join the Viz Signature line next year. Those disappointed in CMX’s edited version of the series will be pleased to know that Viz is pulling no punches with theirs. Tenjo will also get the deluxe treatment, with large 2-in-1 volumes featuring 16 full-color pages that include whichever volume cover didn’t make it on the particular release’s cover.

In addition to those, Viz is also planning to publish Natsume Ono’s La Quinta Camera, and a hardcover edition of The Art of Vampire Knight. Plan your future purchases accordingly.

NURARIHYON NO MAGO © 2008 by Hiroshi Shiibashi/SHUEISHA Inc.