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VIZ Announces NANA 2 for July 29 DVD Release

Specifically, VIZ Pictures—the new VIZ affiliate created solely for the release and production of live-action projects—will be releasing the sequel to the 2005 film near the end of this month.

This time, Yui Ichikawa (Ju-on, Zebraman) plays the role of Nana “Hachi” Komatsu, whom the movie keeps a pretty central focus on, while continuing to explore the unique connection between her and Nana Osaki (played by Mika Nakashima of the first film and 2002’s Mike Hama). Expect love and drama and other easily relatable matters; everything that made Ai Yazawa’s manga a major hit… as well as, naturally, majorly hunky dudes (emphasis mine).

Source [VIZ – Press Release]
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