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Live-Action Higanjima Slated for Next Summer

Koji Matsumoto’s (Saori) supernatural series, having enjoyed a long run in Kodansha’s Young Magazine, will be realized in the land of flesh and blood next year. The setup is definitely promising; it involves the search for a young man’s brother on a strange island inhabited by all sorts of nasty creatures, including but not limited to vampires.

What it doesn’t seem to involve is a spooky female ghost with long hair, so that puts it on my radar immediately. The other thing that pushes it further up my list is the inclusion of Tae-Gyun Kim in the director’s chair. I know a lot of people only saw the Snoop Dogg version of Volcano High—which I also thought was fun—but it may not have done much for others. It should be interesting to see what he and writer Tetsuya Oishi (live-action Death Notes) come up with together!

Source [ANN]