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Virtual Boy: Rockin’ Castlevania at Its Best

Welcome to a very special edition of Virtual Boy, chronicling the weekly releases of Nintendo’s downloadable goods on a sporadic basis since 200X! This week is not one to be missed, though, because a shocker has come out of left field (something at which Nintendo is quite good).

In order to keep the suspense pumping (though the header AND included image kind of gives it up), I’ll go ahead and get the rest of this week’s releases out of the way. On WiiWare we’ve got Ghostfire Games’ Rage of the Gladiator, a fantasy-based arena fighting game that claims to be “one of the most gorgeous WiiWare games ever.” There’s also Triple Shot Sports, which includes Archery, Pistol Shooting, and Free Rifle in its roundup of recreational shooting games.

DSiWare comes bold with four titles: Zoo Frenzy, 101 MiniGolf World, Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs – Fight for Survival (could use a few more subtitles in there), and Car Jack Streets, which just sounds so… tough! But enough talk…

The real gem comes via the sole release for Virtual Console, and it’s a humdinger. In a move that’s sure to annoy a few collectors out there, Konami has made Castlevania Rondo of Blood available for a sensible 900 Wii Points (9 bucks). Previously only available on TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM (as well as a PSP port with a fully remade mode), Rondo of Blood is the precursor to Symphony of the Night, and simply one of the best the series has to offer.

Grab it! I know I’m going to.