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Virtual Boy: Mega Man 9 Edition!

It’s here, finally, and it feels just like a youthful Christmas should… except I think I’m actually going to wait until October 1st for the Xbox Live Arcade version. However, that doesn’t mean YOU should wait. On the contrary, I want you all picking this up on WiiWare and singing its praises to us somewhere in the expansive alleys of Otaku USA. If it’s any encouragement, I’m listening to the soundtrack right now and it’s awesome.

Those of you joining me in waiting for achievements that will likely never be earned (seriously? Beat it five times in one day? Get outta here) will be playing in October, as well, but if you want a better D-pad experience, you could always pick it up off the Playstation Network on September 25th. The choice (and the power) is yours.

Nintendo wasn’t comfortable, even in the wake of this mega-release, to keep the downloadable cupboard otherwise bare. Also available on WiiWare this week is PLÙTCHEN twist ‘n’ paint, which I have never ever heard of in my life. The description is kind of buck wild, offering up a puzzle shooter that supports up to eight players at once, with over “100 hours of fun,” but you might want to wait on more solid reports. Virtual Console is also divvying up a couple classics in Super Dodge Ball for your Nintendo Entertainment System and Vectorman for Sega Genesis. Prices below:

Mega Man 9 – 1,000 Wii Points
PLÙTCHEN twist ‘n’ paint – 1,000 Wii Points
Super Dodge Ball – 500 Wii Points
Vectorman – 800 Wii Points