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Virtual Boy: Objection (!) Edition

What better way to start one’s week than with a healthy dose of lawyering courtesy of Capcom and the indisputable heavyweight courtroom game franchise of the world, Ace Attorney.

Or feel free to just call it Phoenix Wright, as this is a port of the first in the series, which first appeared in the US on Nintendo DS (Gameboy Advance in Japan). Taking over for the unique touch-screen shenanigans is the Wiimote, which lets you gesture your way to justice.

Best of all, it’s just 1,000 Wii Points (ten bucks). Worst of all, it kind of overshadows the rest of this week’s Nintendo downloads, which are slightly lackluster by comparison. Actually, one of the other WiiWare titles, Chronos Twins DX, looks like a dual-screen platformer with potential, but we’ll have to see. The other WiiWare release is Shadowplay.

On DSiWare we have Touch Solitaire, Jazzy Billiards, and Word Searcher. The only retro offering on Virtual Console this week is a mahjong solitaire Genesis game called Shanghai II: Dragon’s Eye. Let’s face it though, if you know the rules to mahjong you’re probably already gambling them away in shady underground games of chance.