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Virtual Boy 6/30: Final Fantasy and the Numbers Game

Why yes, that is Final Fantasy III on Nintendo’s Virtual Console today. No, not that FFIII, the other one. You know, back before everyone in North America knew it by its original name, Final Fantasy VI?

Playing the numbers game with the Final Fantasy series may not be as mind-numbingly confusing as it once was, but as of today you can download the mega-hit FFVI as it originally appeared on Super Nintendo in the US.

Nintendo’s page for the game isn’t even live yet, but it’s probably going to run you the same as the other SNES titles in their library: 800 Wii Points ($8 USD).

Joining FFIII this week are Moto eXtreme (eShop/DSiWare), Kirby’s Dream Land (eShop), The Lost Town – The Dust (eShop), Boardwalk Ball Toss (eShop/DSiWare), Hearts Spades Euchre (eShop/DSiWare) and Big Town Shoot Out (WiiWare).

The only one of those aside from FFIII that I can recommend right out the gate is Kirby’s Dream Land, the original Game Boy title that started it all!