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UQ Holder! Continues a Heroic Legacy on Home Video

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What do you get when you revive a generations-old legacy straight from the world of Ken Akamatsu’s Negima! series? You get the exciting saga of UQ Holder!, which follows the grandson of a famous hero as he unwittingly begins an adventure of his own. Now the entire story can be yours in the UQ Holder! Complete Collection, available on Blu-ray today from Sentai Filmworks.

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Despite his storied lineage, Tota Konoe finds himself living a rather dull life in a small remote village. He can’t even leave the village until he defeats Yukihime, his teacher and foster parent who also happens to be absurdly powerful. This all begins to change, however, when Yukihime is attacked and light begins to shine on the truth behind who or what Tota really is.

It isn’t long before Tota finds himself setting forth into a secret society of immortal beings who share similar secrets, kicking off an action-packed journey full of vampires, demons, and magic users.

uq holder

What is a UQ Holder, and how does it connect to the fate of Tota’s grandfather, Negi Springfield? Order the UQ Holder Complete Collection and find out for yourself today!

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