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Unaired Pokémon: Black and White Anime Scripts Uncovered, Closing a Gap


Back when the Pokémon: Black and White anime was airing in Japan, episodes 23 and 24 ended up not airing due to the events of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. While they were initially just postponed indefinitely, they ultimately never saw the light of day, so fans didn’t get to see the start of a new storyline introducing Team Plasma. Now, 12 years later, fans have uncovered the original scripts for the episodes and archived them for the public to enjoy.

This is all thanks to a member of the Bulbapedia fan community who purchased the scripts from someone who owned copies of them. This came at a price of $4,000 at first, but after fans rallied to raise money the owner eventually offered them free of charge. Thus, scans of every page are now available complete with English translation on a public Google Drive folder, and Bulbapedia hosts complete plot summaries for episode 23 and episode 24. 

As you might have guessed, these episodes would have featured a city paired with scenes of destruction, which isn’t the best thing to air after such a tragic real-world event. While we’ll likely never see the episodes for ourselves, at least fans can close that gap and rest assured they know everything that transpired in the full Pokémon: Black and White anime. 

Via Anime News Network