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Tropical Rouge PreCure Is the Magical Girl Energy We Need in 2021

Tropical Rouge PreCure brings the energy we need in 2021

Tropical Rouge PreCure has just kicked off its run, making it the first show in the franchise to get a U.S. simulcast from day one! But that’s not the only reason we’ve got our eyes on this year’s magical girl adventure. We’ve talked before about our hype — but with the show underway, we’ve discovered more reasons to love it.

The series is full of exactly the energy we need in 2021. Thanks to leading Cure Manatsu, we’ve got a dose of summer optimism and motivation. That, as it turns out, is one of the big themes of the series.


Tropical Rouge is all about motivation.

Manatsu is ready for anything

While every season of PreCure has an aesthetic theme, it also has a positive lesson for its young viewers. HUGtto! encouraged life aspirations, for example, and Healin’ Good promoted caring for nature and animals.

Tropical Rouge, meanwhile, promotes motivation. You know, that thing we’re all a little short on lately. Heroine Manatsu Natsuumi is brimming with motivation. Magical mermaid Laura is, too; she’s on track (she hopes) to become a mermaid queen. We can’t wait to see what motivates the rest of the team.


It knows how we feel when we’ve got nothing in us.

Cure Summer holds on to her motivation

And, of course, every magical girl needs a baddie. Tropical Rouge PreCure finds theirs in a kingdom of lazy, disinterested villains. These bad boys find highly motivated humans and drain that motivation. And that’s a feeling we’ve all kind of had.

Granted, we’re not actually having our buzz harshed by terrifying monsters eating our motivation energy. But it’s a pretty good metaphor, intentional or no. And, even though it’s fictional, it’s nice to know Cure Rainbow is too strong for them, and is here to protect us.


PreCure is cheering us on.

Time to dance!

Whether you’re a young anime viewer or a long-time fan, PreCure are fighting for us. The movies, especially, make it a point to blur the line between the fiction and the audience. We cheer for them in their feature films, and now they’re cheering for us in 2021.

This team in particular is making sure that the people around them can lift their heads up and keep going, even when it seems like that power is out of their hands. Here in the real world, it’s understandable that we feel tired and dismayed a lot. But this particular season of PreCure seems tailor-made for the world right now. With a heroine who refuses to slow down, with the energy to lift up everyone around her, we can’t lose.

Will you be watching Tropical Rouge PreCure this season?

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