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Triage X Brings Vigilante Action Home in a Complete Collection

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When it comes to the point that those who are supposed to protect our society seemingly can’t, or won’t, handle the task, it’s time to turn to alternative methods of cleaning the streets. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and those measures are firing on all cylinders in

now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

In Triage X, the failures of politicians and police lead to a third option: the vigilante organization simply known as Black Label. To say this unit is a motley crew would be an understatement. Black Label is composed of doctors, nurses, and some truly formidable students from the nearby Mochizuki High School, and they’re more than capable of taking on the worst of the worst.

Together they set out to rid society of several cancers, wiping out terrorists, criminal masterminds, and drug runners before they can spread the seed of evil any further. The corrupt businessmen of the world may no longer have to answer to the police, but they’ll definitely wish they did once they run into the men and women of Black Label.

Based on the manga by Highschool of the Dead‘s Shouji Sato, the Triage X anime was produced at Xebec and directed by Akio Takami (animation director on Fafner and Blue Seed) and Takao Kato (Sorcerer Hunters, Zoids). See how Black Label takes back the streets and takes no prisoners in the


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