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Trailer Drops For Visual Kei Vampire Anime Visual Prison

A trailer has dropped for the vampire-themed anime Visual Prison that lets us know it will debut in October, just in time for Halloween. It also lets us hear the insert song “Guilty†Cross,” which is performed by Eclipse, a band in the anime.

The story follows vampires who are also rock stars, because they perform visual kei music. It’s being brought to us by Noriyasu Agematsu (Uta no Prince Sama) and A-1 Pictures of Aniplex.

Shoya Chiba plays protagonist Ange Yuki, Makoto Furukawa plays Guiltia Brion, Hiroki Nanami plays Eve Louise, Shun Horie plays Robin Laffite, Takuya Eguchi plays Latour Saga, Shimazaki Nobunaga plays Mist Flaive, Takuma Nagatsuka plays Veuve Elizabeth, Shougo Yano plays Jack Mouton, Toshiki Masuda plays Dmitri Romanee, and Shouta Aoi plays HYDE Jayer.

Source: ANN


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