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Town Anime Mascot Will Have Artificial Intelligence in Two Months

Seika Kyomachi is a green-garbed town anime mascot for the Seika in the Kyoto Prefecture, whose catchphrase is the popular “I will erase the hometown tax deficit!” Besides being used to educate people on how they can lower their taxes, she’s a draw for tourism. And now she’s getting artificial intelligence.

According to Anime News Network: “The AI will be developed by taking feedback from a small group of users who are knowledgeable about the town and the mascot; they provide sample questions and answers, as well as vote on responses that sound the most in-character for the mascot.”

If all goes well, she’ll start being able to answer questions on her own in two months.

“It is a unique opportunity to put the technology to use,” opined NTT Communication Science Laboratories director Takeshi Yamada.

Do you think this will be a bigger draw for tourism? Or perhaps other town anime mascots will try this new angle? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Anime News Network


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