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Top Shelf Publishing AX Anthology

Okay, there’s a ton of news to catch up on this week while we all twirl and dance in the darkest pits and recesses of The Dead Line, but I have to share a recent news post from one of my favorite blogs, Same Hat. They spilled the beans last week on a really special upcoming release from Top Shelf: a 400 page AX anthology, collecting stories from the bimonthly manga collection of the same name.

This would mark a first time opportunity to check out multiple stories from the experimental publication’s contents in English (Tokyo Zombie was published in AX and has since been published here, as well). Fans of more underground manga, perhaps weened on collections like Secret Comics Japan and Comics Underground Japan, are probably finding themselves very excited at this announcement, which Ryan of Same Hat had the opportunity to exclusively break on the 23rd.

You can find out more if you’ll be attending this upcoming weekend’s Alternative Press Expo (where you can also check out a 16 page sampler), and by stopping by Same Hat and checking out the original post, linked below.

Source [Same Hat]