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Toonami to Air Evangelion 2.22 Anime Film This Month

Toonami saw some great results with the March airing of Evangelion 1.11, which managed to pull in 959,000 viewers. Naturally, Toonami was very happy with this, and they said as much in response to a Tumblr question, adding, “It was a solid showing that gives us something to build off of as we think about what our NEXT movie might be…”

Any guesses as to how that turned out? If you’re thinking it’s time to air the next Eva flick, you’re dead on, because Toonami will be airing Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance on August 31.

In the midst of more questions about potential additions, Toonami also revealed that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will serve as a replacement for Eureka 7 starting on August 17.

Via Crunchyroll