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Toonami Kicks Off Sword Art Online Anime July 27

Adult Swim’s Toonami block is losing a couple shows soon, but it will also be adding a couple more, including one that will likely gain some serious attention. As previously reported, the Sword Art Online anime is the next major series to join the lineup, and its premiere is now officially set for July 27 at 2:00am.

Big O Season 2 also joins the block on the same date, and will be replacing the Studio 4ºC animated Thundercats series at 3:30am. Another series leaving the block is Sym-Bionic Titan. July 20 will be the last night for both that and Thundercats.

Here’s how the full July 27 lineup is looking:

12:00a Bleach
12:30a Naruto Uncut
01:00a One Piece
01:30a Soul Eater
02:00a Sword Art Online
02:30a IGPX
03:00a Eureka 7
03:30a Big O Season 2
04:00a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
04:30a Cowboy Bebop
05:00a Inuyasha
05:30a Inuyasha