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Update on Cowboy Bebop Live-action Adaptation

Over at his AICN Anime column, Scott Green posted some updated information on the US Cowboy Bebop film, which is still in the writing stages. However, it seems those writing stages are, according to Keanu Reeves during a press event for “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,” going quite well.

The main obstacle now seems to be the script’s scope, which, as you’ll read in the quote below, is currently beyond the point of a feasible budget.

“… Reeves indicated that the writer’s adherence to the galaxy-spanning adventure of the full entire series might prove a little daunting for production.

“So the studio went, ‘This movie is fantastic and it would cost half a billion dollars,” laughed Reeves, “so he’s doing a rewrite.”

Hopefully things continue to go well for the project, as it seems enthusiasm for the property, at the very least, is in the right place at the moment. We’ll keep you posted on any substantial future updates as they roll out, but for now just close your eyes and imagine Reeves doing his very best Spike impersonation.

Source [Ain’t It Cool]