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Tokyo Treat December Box Packs Plenty of Christmas Cheer

tokyo treat

Disclosure: Tokyo Treat supplied us with one box for review purposes. 

It’s a Christmas cornucopia in the latest arrival from Tokyo Treat, which is a subscription service that offers up an assortment of Japanese snacks in each box, ranging from sweet to savory. Following up on our previous review, we got a chance to check out what’s in store for December, which fittingly includes a handful of holiday-themed snacks and some other surprises within it. 

Set to arrive in plenty of time to fit under the tree, the Santa’s Snackfest box has a nice mix of crunchy chips and delicious treats, some of which will be of particular interest to those who love the taste of milk tea. In addition to a pack of Milk Tea flavored KitKats—which, as is tradition with KitKat bars, somehow manage to taste exactly as described—the box includes a can of Royal Milk Tea, which is perfect for washing down some of the sweets among this month’s offerings.

If it’s those very treats you’re in it for in the first place, you’ll also find a small but delightful Christmas Chocolate Daifuku, which evokes the warmth of s’mores in a single bite, as well as chocolate-covered wheat puffs, a full box of winter caramel Pocky, Ramune Christmas Surprise, a truly decadent Maneken White Chocolat Waffle and my personal favorite, Caplico Milk Stars. Seriously, I could eat an entire bag of these and come away wanting more. 

Even if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth and end up passing all those holiday candies along to someone else—hey, good idea for a last-minute gift!—there’s enough on the savory side to satisfy the saltier folks among us. Along with the usual chips and other crunchy cravings, there’s a totally lunch-worthy container of salmon and spinach cream pasta you can prepare as easily as you would any other pre-packaged noodle cup. As the always informative booklet suggests, it recalls the type of humble dish one might find at a Christmas market food stall. 

If I were to recommend just one box for sampling what Tokyo Treat has to offer, it’d be this one. Maybe it’s the time of year, but there was something extra warm about receiving this in the mail and diving into its contents right away. I didn’t drag out the enjoyment process as long as I would have liked—I may or may not have entered total goblin mode on some of these snacks—but it certainly provided enough variety for me to say it delivered on its promise.