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Tokyo Treat Offers Boxes with Something for Everyone

tokyo treat

Disclosure: Tokyo Treat supplied us with one box for review purposes. 

If you’re looking for a reliable subscription box service, you can find something up your alley for even the most niche of needs. While there are countless options to choose from, the actual results that end up in your mailbox can be hit or miss. From figures to food, you need something that will actually make you want to stick around from month to month, and if our first box from Tokyo Treat is any indication, this particular subscription has a little something for everyone who wants a taste of Japan on a regular basis. 

Tokyo Treat promises “the biggest Japanese snack box on the planet,” and while we weren’t able to test the power levels of every box on our humble little rock, there’s definitely a lot to dig into here. Each box offers 15-20 full-size Japanese snacks; we got 15 in ours, so that tracks, including sweet and savory items and at least one you could make a small meal out of if you so desired. 

Among the savory snacks were a couple potato chip/fry-style items and smaller bites like Yaki Edamame crackers, the classic dagashi known as Umaibo Mentai and more, while the sweets were even more varied. There were marshmallow treats, mini milk chocolate balls, Sour Paper Candy Cola, Mashuro Marshmallow, Banana Castella, Watermelon Seed Ramune candy, Sakusaku Panda Salted Vanilla & Choco Cookies and, lest we forget, a full bag of delicious Café au Lait KitKat bars. It’s a nice amount of snacking to spread out over the course of a few days so you can make the box last a little longer. I personally like to absolutely demolish these boxes in the name of ‘science’ and ‘research.’ I do it for the people. 

The main course was a serving of Chilled Tanuki Soba, which was actually the first time I had ever experienced the summer tradition of chilled noodles. It may not be the same as leaving the house and heading to a restaurant, but it’s not like I’d get the authentic soba experience in South Carolina anyway. It was a chilled delight, and went down smoothly with the included beverage, a nice bottle of ultra-sweet Chupa Chups Strawberry Cream Soda.

The only issue had nothing to do with the service itself. As you may have noticed, it’s roughly one billion degrees outside right now, so shipping anything with chocolate or another similar coating is going to result in some melting along the way. Snacks like the KitKats were easily revived with a little help from our trusty refrigerator, though, so it’s more something to keep in mind when ordering chocolate from anywhere right now than an actual complaint.

For those who have a consistent hankering for a selection of sweets and snacks straight from Japan, you’ll find a nicely varied assortment with Tokyo Treat, so give it a shot next time you’re trying to make a solid subscription decision.