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Tokyo ESP Anime Lines Up English Dub Cast

Funimation has the Blu-ray/DVD release of Tokyo ESP set for February 23, so it’s time to dig into the English dub cast. Funimation notes that there are some actors new to its dubs in the lineup, including Adam Dahlberg, also known as Sky from the Sky Does Minecraft YouTube channel, among others.

You can look out for some behind-the-scenes footage in the future on his SkyDoesThings channel. In the meantime, here’s the full cast for Tokyo ESP.


RINKA – Sarah Wiedenheft

KYOTARO – Adam Dahlberg

MINAMI – Mallorie Rodak

RINDOU – Bryan Massey

KUROI – Jenny Ledel

MURASAKI – Lara Woodhull

PEGGY – Heather Walker

AYUMU – Morgan Berry

YODANI – R Bruce Elliott

PROFESSOR – Jefferey Schmidt

KOZUKI – Lindsay Seidel

AMIE – Bryn Apprill

RIN – Trina Nishimura

SUKESABURO – Philip Weber