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Tokyo Disneyland Sets Rules for Halloween 2019 Cosplay


If you happen to have a trip planned to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea this year with the goal of cosplaying during the Halloween celebration, you’ll want to keep a few key guidelines in mind. The Halloween event runs from September 9 to October 31, and pretty much anything goes as long as you cosplay as a Disney character. There are, however, some stipulations that Tokyo Disney Resort felt the need to address.

First and foremost, while you can dress like pretty much any Disney character—from the Olympic hopefuls in Cool Runnings to even more obscure characters from the small and big screen alike—you’ll want to be careful when going for someone from the Kingdom Hearts series. All of the Disney/Pixar/etc. characters are fine, but Disney has asked guests to refrain from dressing up as characters from “other companies,” which would seem to extend to Square Enix’s original creations.

If this particular rule has you stumped, you can always confirm your cosplay of choice on the resort’s complete list. At least you know you can cosplay Star Wars to your heart’s content.

Beyond noting who to dress up as, there are a few other guidelines to consider, some of which are safety related. Heavy makeup, masks, and other means of concealing your identity or simulating real injuries are a no go, as are dangerous items like swords, staffs, musical instruments, and pretty much anything else that could hurt (or annoy) someone.

You’ll also want to leave your overly revealing costumes at home along with the oversized Disney princess dresses, and, as always, mind your manners in all aspects of cosplay and related activities.

Other than that, have fun, and let us know what you end up cosplaying as this year, whether it’s dressing up for Halloween or heading to one of many summer conventions.

Via SoraNews24