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Tokyo Bakery Gets Made in Abyss Makeover

Tokyo Bakery Gets Made in Abyss MakeoverThere’s a new Made in Abyss film on the way, and one Tokyo bakery is celebrating by giving itself a makeover.

The bakery, Usagiza Lepus, will go Abyss-y from January 18 to March 17, when it will offer up treats based on the manga-turned-anime series.

One of those treats is a stollen made in the shape of series character Nanachi.

And here’s a Nanachi cookie.

Meanwhile, here’s a meat-filled bun in the form of a Neritantan.

The shop will also offer merchandise, like sandals, keychains, mugs, shirts and more.

Usagiza Lepus is located between Shin-Koenji and Higashi-Koenji stations in western Tokyo.

And here’s some more info on the recently-announced Made in Abyss sequel film!

Source: Comic Natalie