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Toei Looking to Kick Off Global Sailor Moon Revival

Sailor Moon knocked a bunch of unsuspecting people into the world of anime fandom back when DIC originally aired it on US television, and the love for the series and its characters is still celebrated over here. Unfortunately for those fans, we really haven’t seen much of Toei’s property since the release of ADV’s subtitled DVDs, which quickly became collector’s items. (Even I used to own the first set, true confession!)

Well, Toei is looking to bring the Sailor Senshi back in a big way, an endeavor that really kicked off last fall when they began rebroadcasting the show on Japanese television. They’re looking toward expanded horizons now, and will be starting with Italy.

Toei’s partner in Italy is Backstage, which will be taking care of the property’s rights in publishing, TV and merchandising. Mediaset is planning to begin Sailor Moon broadcasts in Italy in fall of this year, and Toei has high hopes for the series’ continued success in the country. Ideally, this is just the beginning.

So, do we have any SM fans here that are hoping this revival eventually makes it stateside?

Source [ICv2]