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The World is Still Beautiful Brings the Rain and Shine to Home Video

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Sometimes first impressions can be misleading, and other times, well, they’re spot on. The truth of the matter lies somewhere between these two extremes in The World is Still Beautiful, which is now available in a


When the rain and sun come together it’s supposed to be a beautiful sight full of mist and rainbows. That’s not quite what happens when Nike, fourth Princess of the Rain Dukedom, is shipped off to marry Livius, King of the Sun Kingdom. Not only is Livius younger than Nike expected, he turns out to be a bit power-mad and throws Nike in jail for a relatively inconsequential matter. 

That right there isn’t the best of first impressions, but time and experience can always bring about change. Nike and Livius might not seem like the best match, but they have the potential to grow together, and they’ll need to do so to ensure the prosperity of both kingdoms. 

Based on the shojo manga by Dai Shiina, The World is Still Beautiful is directed by Hajime Kamegaki (Air Gear, Fushigi Yugi), with Shinzo Fujita (Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo, Daigunder) on series composition for the Pierrot production. You can watch as the emotional bond between the sun and the rain blossoms in


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