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The Legend of Steel Lady Nanase is Just a Taste of What In/Spectre Has to Offer

in/spectreFeatured Spotlight: VIZ Media

Who is Steel Lady Nanase? Is she really the ghost of a teen idol who faced an untimely demise, or is she a flesh and blood copycat wreaking havoc on the streets? The reality behind it is stranger than fiction, which is the perfect way to describe the yokai-filled world of In/Spectre, available to order on Blu-ray and digital.

Steel Lady Nanase takes on the appearance of the idol known as Karin Nanase, with one major exception: A massive jet black hole where her face should be. The real Karin Nanase lost her life to a massive steel I-beam, so Steel Lady Nanase carries one around and wields it with supernatural strength.

In/Spectre is full of famous yokai and otherworldly spirits, but Steel Lady Nanase is a creation that could only have come from this particular story. The truth behind Nanase is thematically intertwined with everything that makes In/Spectre unique, and much like an I-beam swinging at you from the shadows, the resolution is something you won’t see coming.

You can now solve the mystery of Steel Lady Nanase for yourself thanks to VIZ Media’s home video release of In/Spectre: The Compete Season. All 12 episodes of the anime adaptation are available on Blu-ray and digital—and the Blu-ray packs in 4 art cards, a poster, a storyboard featurette, and art gallery—so secure your copy today!

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